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Title Author Type Issue Date
Evidence from global practices of active labour market policies for young people’s transition to work Nicolò Bird Policy Research Brief 71 10/08/2020
Building climate resilience through social protection in Brazil: the Garantia Safra public climate risk insurance programme Elena Kühne Policy Research Brief 70 10/08/2020
Most affected subgroups in young people's transitions to work in the MENA region Nicolò Bird Policy Research Brief 69 10/07/2020
International trade, trade policy and foreign investment: preliminary considerations on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis Ivan Oliveira, Fernando Ribeiro, Renato Baumann, Glauco Avellino Oliveira, Luís Felipe Giesteira, Luís Fernando Tironi, André Pinelli Alves Policy Research Brief 68 12/05/2020
The benefits of agile implementation in social protection development interventions: a comparative analysis of social protection information system implementations in Timor-Leste, The Bahamas and Indonesia Tim Lann Policy Research Brief 66 13/04/2020
Avoiding the poverty pandemic: the potential of the Bolsa Família programme and the Single Registry as answers to COVID-19 Luis Henrique Paiva, Pedro H. G. Ferreira de Souza, Letícia Bartholo, Sergei Soares Policy Research Brief 67 02/04/2020
Country selection for a comparative case study on labour law systems Alexandre Cunha, Diana Sawyer, José Monteiro da Silva, Luca Lazzarini, Marília Rocha, Tamara Santos Policy Research Brief 65 18/03/2020
Rural civil society and the role of social mobilisation in poverty reduction and sustainable rural development Anna Korzenszky, Sara Vicari, Guilherme Brady Policy Research Brief 64 09/09/2019
Senegal's National Single Registry (Registre National Unique): towards national coverage Fatou Ndiaye, Ousseynou Diop, Mansour Sy Sarr Policy Research Brief 63 08/05/2019
A brief history of Zambia's social cash transfer programme Pedro Arruda, Laura Dubois Policy Research Brief 62 07/06/2018