Policy in Focus

Policy in Focus is the flagship publication of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, a magazine that seeks to synthesize policy debates and discussions, educate and increase awareness about specific development themes.  Each issue does so via the collection of articles from specialist contributors with a diverse range of perspectives and opinions about a specific subject.  Issue themes span a diverse subject matter such as the growing middle classes in the developing world, to Protagonist Women and Youth and Employment in the BRICS nations. more

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Leveraging food systems for poverty and malnutrition reduction Ahmed Raza, Fábio Veras Soares Policy In Focus 46 11/12/2020
Universal social protection: a target for all Mariana Balboni, Aline Peres Policy In Focus 45 13/12/2019
Rural poverty reduction in the 21st century Ryan Nehring, Ana Paula de la O Campos Policy In Focus 44 10/04/2019
Social protection: meeting children’s rights and needs Anna Carolina Machado, Charlotte Bilo Policy In Focus 43 12/12/2018
Minimum wage: global challenges and perspectives Sergei Soares Policy In Focus 42 10/09/2018
Women at work: addressing the gaps Carolina Robino, Raquel Tebaldi Policy In Focus 41 08/03/2018
Social protection after the Arab Spring Rafael Guerreiro Osorio, Fábio Veras Soares Policy In Focus 40 14/12/2017
Debating Graduation Fábio Veras Soares, Ian Orton Policy In Focus 39 06/07/2017
Social protection: towards gender equality Raquel Tebaldi, Flora Myamba Policy In Focus 38 10/03/2017
A new urban paradigm: pathways to sustainable development Michael MacLennan Policy In Focus 37 06/12/2016